Aircraft parts, air transport services and heavy lift solutions.


AP & TS Ltd. Based on ability to provide a cost effective spectrum of services and strongly believes in personal customized relationship with its customers and has the capabilities and financial stability to build and maintain such relationships.

Quality is our first priority for safety, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. We constantly examine and improve our processes and techniques to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

AP & TS Ltd. Aviation Parts & Transport Services provides structure parts and materials, transport services, engineering support, including MRO for commercial Air Craft, and is committed to provide superior value-added service. Service means prompt response to customer inquiries, enhanced computerized inventory and data systems.

AP & TS Ltd. is actively involved with customers in reducing costs by managing the complete supply chain, thus reducing inventory, transaction costs and supplier base.  AP & TS Ltd. undertakes single-sourcing contracts, including inventory management up to transport handling and total supply chain management. AP & TS Ltd. customers receive everything from a single experienced and efficient supplier. Customers are able to realize instant savings by eliminating the internal costs associated with multiple transaction handling and plural expenses from transportation.

AP & TS Ltd. In compliance with international conventions, the United Kingdom, Europe and the U.S. strictly check the export of civil goods and software which could be used to produce weapons of mass destruction or conventional weapons. Several export control regulations apply here.